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Simon 'Aukes' Stolland

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Director of Photography. 

Simon 'Aukes' Stolland (born 14th June 1991) is a self-taught Cinematographer from Reading, Berkshire.


Stolland's journey began in 2009 after assisting in the production of several local Rap battle events. Upon gaining notoriety through his involvement in the music scene of Reading, he started working directly with the artists creating low budget music videos. 


A couple of years passed before Stolland decided to take the venture on full time and thus, Aukes Media was born. Having developed skills across all areas, from camera operation to editing, he became the one-stop shop for video production needs, offering a turn-key service for his clients. 


It was not long before word spread and Stolland expanded into London. Although Stolland was known for his creative and gritty Rap/Hip Hop music videos, it was in this time he began experimenting with Filmmaking.


After winning several awards for his short films, his existing clientele began commissioning him to produce larger, cinematic projects, which eventually led to him acting as DOP on commercially funded projects with UK cinema and Netflix releases.

To date, Stolland has worked with the biggest names in the UK rap industry such as Giggs, Dizzee Rascal, Dave, Krept and Konan, D Block Europe, Wiley, Chip and, most notably, Rapman, with the 'Shiro's Story' series and on his new feature film 'Blue Story'.






Film Festival




GRM Rated Awards


Winner of 'Video of the Year' for the 'Shiro's Story' series

(Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist)

HorrorHound Film Festival


Winner of 'Best Cinematography' for Wolf

(Director of Photography)


Reading 48 Hour Film Festival

2019, 2016, 2014

Winner of 'Best 48 Hour Film' for various

(Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist)

UK Entertainment Awards


Winner of 'Best Short Film' for 'Shiro's Story'

(Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist)

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